The Bags Every Stylish Man Must Have

No matter the work you do or the activities you indulge in regularly, men especially need the right bag for the activities they face daily.

There are bags suitable for every occasion and a lot of men unfortunately don’t see the need to have one for every common activity.

If you’re the type of man that pays attention to style, then you must have these bags to show your style and also make your life easier.

The Backpack


It is easy for a lot of men to assume that once they have a backpack, they don’t need another bag. While this may have been true while you were in university, it no longer serves you at your workplace.

The backpack not only creases your suit but also blemishes your overall corporate look. There are a lot of sophisticated brands to choose from and you can put them in rotation for your numerous casual occasions.

The Work Bag

Work bag

This is perhaps the most essential as it is employed for at least five days, every week.

You should consider letting go of the tacky nylon laptop bag that came as an accessory with you laptop and instead invest some money in a classy leather bag that blends in flawlessly with your suit and tie.

They usually come with convenient internal compartments that can help to streamline the silhouette of your business attire without making your pockets bulky with keys and wallets.

If you still carry those large briefcases of the 70s and 80s, you should stop and leave them in the last century where they belong. The soft leather satchels is a contemporary alternative that comes in shades of brown, ox blood and brown are both versatile and stylish.

The Duffel Bag

Duffel bag

This comes in handy when you need to pack for an overnight trip, a weekend getaway or a short business trip.

They are small and durable enough to be handled properly in a bus or tossed into a plane’s overhead locker but still retain an attractive enough appearance, that doesn’t compromise your look.

A lot of sports designers have a lot of designs ranging from decorative patterns such as tartan to more muted ones such as on-trend browns that you can choose from.

You may however want to stay off duffels that come with wheels as they add bulk, weight and generally affect the aesthetics.

The Tote Bag

Tote bag

This one is best for men that live close to the beach or those that are regular visitors.

They are rough and tumble bags that can house and transport your wallet, sunscreen and towel while you’re at the beach, your keys and other valuables when you go shopping and magazines and any other inconvenient materials while you’re on the go.

It is a versatile bag that comes in an array of unique prints for you to choose from.

The Gym Bag

Gym bag

There’s always the temptation to want to covert your duffel into your gym bag but you run the risk of making it stinky.

You should instead employ a smaller bag for your smelly gym clothes. A classic Country Road is perfect, especially those that comes in plain, neutral colours that you can easily carry with you anywhere.

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