The Best Time And Right Places To Wear Flannel Shirts To

Believe it or not, there is a thing known as the flannel paux where you where your favourite flannel shirt to the wrong places and at th wrong time. Surprised? You don’t have to be, even though you have little blame for rocking your flannel to unseemly places.

Wearing your flannel shirt in an engagement photograph, at a corporate event or to a black tie event, is to say the least wrong. So here are the times flannel is not only fitting, but comes highly recommended.

A Weekend Getaway
You know how good your flannel shirt looks on your woman, after she has spent a night at your place, that’s the exact same way it looks good on you on a weekend gateway.

Whether it’s to a hotel, games reserve or the mountains, you can never go wrong wearing one.

At A Concert
If you are going to a musical concert with your partner or friends, your flannel shirt is one of the best options you can choose to wear. When the concert gets heated and you are soaking in all the entertainment, your thin flannel shirt tied around your waist will help you truly recapture the magic of the 90s.

More so, it can come in handy when the girl you are with starts getting the chills and needs to keep warm.

As Pyjamas
Flannel is the perfect PJ and it has been so for ages. However, the material can be too warm for you as they are for a lot of people, and you had best think ahead when it comes to purchasing a pair for sleeping or party purposes.

If it’s for the former, one that comes with a thinner cotton is suitable and the latter will require something much more durable.

Work Around The House
Whether you are taking leaves from the front of your yard, tending to crops in your garden, or tackling any work around the house, this shirt is the most appropriate garb.

For Travel
The Flannel shirt is the ideal travel wear. You can choose too for a predominantly white flannel that goes pretty much with anything you choose to wear with it. Not all flannel needs to be plaid and when you’re alternating between warm and cool temperature, the flannel can help you move and feel comfortable.

For Layering
Flannel Shirts are always nice to look upon when they simply peeking out from is almost always welcome beneath a nice sweater. The collar tends to add a bit of style to an otherwise boring fit, especially when you’re going for a preppy look.

You can always turn them completely casual also by having it untucked to help you fit into any event comfortably.

To The Beach
Instead of wearing your standard-issue lumberjack flannel, you can choose to wear a light, breezy one that will blend along with a long beach day. If you’re constantly on the move, a regular caller at the beach or someone who routinely participates in volleyball or surfing, you’re probably going to need a sweet shirt when the sun sets.

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