The Best Ways To Get Heads Turning With The Collarless Shirt

Collarless shirts which have otherwise been known as the grandpa collar is a subtle and stylish alternative to help mix up your casual look.

These types of shirts can not only blend in with casual settings but can also look smart in semi-formal settings. If you’re looking to be unique at occasions and not look like you’ve spent hours going through a pile of clothes and ended with little success, the granddad collar is a nice option.

In a world where conventional turndown collars hold the forte, a band collar or a well-styled collarless shirt will be enough to catch the attention of people that admire you.

This shirt dates back to the 1920s where it was adopted as a staple by flat-capped newspaper boys and prohibition-era hooch smugglers in the city of New York ad a working man’s shirt.

It was designed to be worn without a tie, which was perhaps the reason why it fell out of favour with men as time went by except for the grandpas until it recently enjoyed a revival.

What Material Is It Made From?

Collarless shirt

The band collar like most other shirts in similar category is made of linen or cotton. Some have an added layer of slightly-crinkled casualness, before a grandad collar sits a little looser around the neck.

The collar is usually looser that that of a normal dress shirt and it shouldn’t look tight or feel restrictive, just as the back tail should sit midway down your back pockets.

Your collarless shirt should have a retro look without the discomforting appearance of a dress-up party costume.

It should lie between a casual and semi-formal look, in such a way that it injects a slightly formal touch to your casual wear and a slightly casual touch to your formal wear.

Where Can I Wear It To?

A collarless shirt can obviously not be worn with a tie and as such, cannot be worn to formal occasions or any black-tie event. It however has a distinctive twist that makes it a conventional smart casual wear.

It is thus, suitable for semi-formal gatherings and a white band collar will pair nicely with a black, navy or beige linen suit. You can wear a nice pair of brogues and patterned socks beneath rolled-up pant trousers to complement your overall outfit.

When worn as a casual outfit, the collarless shirt can help to produce a more relaxed vibe than any conventional collar can. You can also choose to wear them with denims to obtain a laid back option, especially when you do so while sporting a placket that only extends midway down the chest.

This will usually blend in well with a pair of beige chinos and simple bright white sneakers.

In the alternative, you can wear a light powder blue or white collarless shirt with dark denims and a trendy pair of loafers to complement your appearance.

This look would rock weekend outings, especially one when you want to head out for a drink at somewhere that is a little more dressy than local Street side bars.

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