The Best Ways To Wear Your T-Shirts And Look Buff

T-shirts are perhaps the simplest clothing item in the wardrobes of every guy and not many know that there are many ways to wear them to create a stunningly cool look.

From denims to blazers and cardigans, T-shirts basically blend with anything. If you’re interested in looking buff with every single T-shirt you have in your wardrobe, here are a few suggestions to try out.

To Show Off Your Cleavage
If you visit the gym regularly and have a body that is the envy of fellow guys and one that attracts women, you can wear your tees in a way where you flash your glistening cleavage.

Choose T-shirts with V-necks and plunging necklines. You should however be careful not to commit a fashion sin by straying away from the crew neck tee, irrespective of whether you want to show off some tattoo, a mane of chest hair or your well toned body.

Wearing Under A Cardigan
Tees look good under cardigans especially if you wear contrasting colours. A plain, light T-shirt will go well with a thick knit jumper which makes it a good combination during the cold weather months.

For weekend outings, you can choose to wear coloured Tees with a cardigan, skinny jeans, and sneakers to have a relaxed look. More so, you can get a textured contrast with a leather jacket If you’re up to a little bit of rebellion.

With A Blazer
This combination has always been a controversial one because blazers are mostly formal and Tees are casual. You can however pull off the look by choosing to wear a more casual blazer that comes with soft fabric and texture, alongside contrasting pair of trousers.

A white tee can blend with a tan blazer and chinos, even though you will look like an estate agent. You can however substitute with a pair of dark navy jeans to get a solid casual appearance for weekend hangouts.

Under A Shirt
You can wear plain white Tees Under button-down shirts along with chinos. Such look is cool for everyday wears and can easily blend in for semi-formal settings and work.

Graphic tees should be reserved for heavy checked flannel shirts that will give you a grungy appearance. You can never go wrong with a pairing of T-shirts with Denims and the chances of you doing so with a chambray shirt is next to zero.

With Denims
T-shirts and denims are perhaps the standard ways to blend both the former and the latter.

Pairing a tight-fitting tee with a pair of jeans has been a menswear staple for over sixty years and that is not about to change anytime soon.

Wearing both together can give you both a rebellious and calm appearance.
You can choose to wear your T-shirts as standalone outer layer, especially if you have a well sculpted body.

A white top will do well on a simple and masculine body frame and you can match it with dark denim jeans. Navy Tees can also blend in well with chinos.

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