The Colour Combinations That Never Fails For Men

Men don’t do too good with bright colour combinations but knowing the Colours to mix and how they work together is incredibly important in getting a winning look.

While some classic hues just never fail for men, there are some other colours that can produce fireproof combinations to get that stunning look.

Black, White And Grey

Trey songz wearing black ,blue and grey

Grey is one colour that seems to be in vogue among the male folk, especially when it comes to synthetic materials and activewear.

The thing to have in mind is to contrast the fabrics. A grey jacket will do well with denim jeans to provide the tonal contrast you’re looking for.

Black and white colours are monochromatic and can help you deliver clean and aesthetically pleasing appearances.

The only unappealing part is the lack of prints and textures to make the outfit look more appealing to the eyes, which can make such an appearance boring. The best way to conquer this is to try out appealing patterns and fabrics.

Blue, Red and White
A combination of these three colours have been used by designers for a long time and it can work well all year round.

You can choose to wear the brighter red colour and incorporate it with white during the dry and hot season. A white polo shirt, worn along with bright red shorts, complete with the blue colour used to detail the outfits.

Alternatively, you can wear darker shades of blue and red during rainy seasons. A navy blue pullover complete with dark burgundy chinos will bring out your style.

Also, a classic blue jacket that comes with red tartan lining worn above a white shirt and chinos will get heads turning.

If you choose to go formal, go with a navy blue suit worn with a white shirt and a red neck tie will provide with the safest of formal appearances.

Navy Blue And Black

Navy blue shirt and black pants

A lot of men believe that you can’t wear navy blue and black together because they are almost as dark as each other and fail to provide any type of contrast that your appearance needs.

This unspoken rule however doesn’t hold anymore. Black and navy blue are masculine colours that are easy to mix. All you need to do is to make the clashing textures work for you and adding the necessary contrast such as a navy blue tee shirt on black jeans.

White And Tan
A combination of white and tan is neutral and breezy and is a favourite for hot seasons. A bright white cotton tee shirt worn with camel shorts should be your favourite look in these colours.

Also, a crisp white Oxford shirt paired with a fitted pair of chinos and bright white trainers will create an endearing look.

The White can go a long with gentle shades of blue, pink, and green which will further accentuate the look of dark skinned fellows. Light skinned fellows may however look washed out with this colour combination.

Earth-coloured Tones

Earth coloured tones

Earth toned colours such as shades of brown and green are versatile to say the least and work on almost every skin tone. They are also safe and reliable, including the fact that the colour hue of this category are suitable as workwear.

Grey and Camel work together well, especially if you’re wearing a lighter top and a darker shades of grey trouser. Burgundy can be a suitable alternative to brown leather, especially if you’re wearing stylish shoes like brogues or monkstraps alongside.

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