The Different Types Of Shoes That Blends With Different Suit Colours

Grey suit

You’ve probably found yourself in a scenario where you’ve got the right suit but you’re left wondering what type of shoes would best blend with your outfit. Not to worry as we have your back with a list of shoes that are suitable and best worn with the different types of suits you’re likely to have in your wardrobe.

The Special Black Suit
The simplest rule to follow when it comes to matching footwears with your black suits is to match black with black.any other colour would look too casual with a suit that you wear ever so rarely for special occasions.

It’s best to choose shoes that are made from patent leather, as they will provide the extra shine that is required at black tie events. In the alternative, you can wear a smart pair of Oxfords with your black suit to give your appearance a boost.

The Versatile Navy Blue Suit

Ox blood shoes

Dark navy blue is one of the most versatile suit colours you can get and they can get along well with any type of formal shoes. The Navy blue colour especially goes along well with burgundy or oxblood leather shoes when you’re looking to appear relaxed.

Alternatively, you can pair your suit with tan loafers or brogues, or choose to wear black shoes if you’d be in a business environment.

The Natural Brown Suit

Wearing Brown leather shoes with black suits doesn’t really blend in well and wearing brown suits with black shoes don’t really work well either.

Even though black leather tends to clash too much with brown suits, it is best to avoid allowing the shade of brown of your shoes to be too similar to the colour of the fabric from which your suit is made. It is best to allow the leather to be darker in colour than the suit if you’re to provide a bit of contrast in your appearance.

The Tender Beige Suit

Wearing black shoes with any lighter pallette of cream, off-white, ivory or beige coloured suits can be too severe.

The combination can stick out like a sore thumb due to the extreme contrast of your combination. The best bet is to wear light brown or tan coloured leather shoes along with your beige suits to semi-formal events.

The Light grey Suit

While grey suits are less formal than navy blue suits, they are just as versatile and can basically be paired with everything. It’s best to wear a plain white shirt underneath this colour of suit, especially if you’re wearing it to a business environment that is not too strict with dress codes.

Brown leather shoes are laid back enough to provide a good pair and can be a good match if you’re wearing them to a cocktail dinner. If you choose to pair your grey suit with brown leather shoes, you may want to choose a more colourful shirt and tie to match.

The Well-blended Charcoal Suit

Lace up oxfords

Wearing a charcoal suit or any form of wear that has a darker shade of grey will require a more formal footwear. What this means is that wearing brown shoes with them will never match and the safest colour to wear with your charcoal suit would be plain black Oxfords.

Leather that comes as rich burgundy monk straps can also help you change up your style on the Conservative charcoal suit colour.

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