The Good And Bad Of Choosing To Go Commando And Not Wearing Underwear

The commando style is a popular choice among men who don’t mind a little dankness and because of how easy and comfortable they can be. On the other hand however, some men would not even touch it with a ten feet pole.

Irrespective of the category you belong to, one fact that holds for sure is that choosing to go commando offers comfort and convenience. For every good to going commando, there is a bad, and it is left for you to choose which one outweighs the other.

Good: Comfort
It is quite comfortable and you don’t have any elastic digging into your hips, neither are there any intentional wedgies. It also prevents any awkward adjustments, as it ensures the fabric is well arranged on your skin.

It provides pure comfort, especially if you shower regularly, with only a thin layer of fabric separating your junk from your jeans and pants.

Bad: Chafing
One of the bad side of going commando is that it has no fabric to protect your thighs and ditching it is one sure way to experience chafing. More so, with the dankness, warm and sweaty environment it provides, fungal infections will be rife.

You can offset these risks by applying baby powder or Vaseline to the inside of your thighs but the question is, do you really have time for that? Or do you want to go around smelling like a freshly changed bub?

Good: Easy laundry
Other underwear types may not require you chucking them in the washing machine regularly but due to the dankness of the commando on your regular trousers, you will have to do that often. Without the barrier provided by underpants, your trousers will bear the brunt more, unless if you don’t mind your trousers smelling too ripe.

Bad: Some Pain
With the possibility of your junk and dangly bits getting caught in Zippers, experiencing pain from time to time is one bad thing that may come up.

Good: Aids fertility
Scientifically, the testicles are designed to self-regulate their temperature, and the various evolutionary changes that have occurred for millions of years have not been able to account for tight underwear.

A study conducted in the University of Sheffield in 2012 confirmed that men who wore tight undies had less healthy sperm than blokes who gave their grapes some room to breathe. This makes the commando A good choice.

Bad: wardrobe
The commando is quite selective of the clothes you can put on, and if this is your choice of underwear, you will pretty much have limits. You can’t wear them with baggy basketball shorts or super skinny trousers. Your choice of trousers will basically be limited to thick denims which will spend too much time in rotation that people will feel if that’s the only trouser you have.

Good: Celebrity Favourite
From Hugh Jackman, Matthew McConaughey to Jon Hamm, going commando is a huge favourite amongst them. These men wouldn’t touch a pair of undies with a 10-foot pole to save their lives.

Bad: slippage
You may want to ask yourself if the freedom of going commando is worth the risk of flashing your whole junk when a wardrobe malfunction occurs. The potential embarrassment of splitting your pants, or suffering from a stray droplet or two when you go to the loo is something that should make you reconsider.

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