The History Of The Polo Shirt And Why It Should Be Your Wardrobe Staple

There’s hardly a man that belongs in the 21st century that doesn’t have a polo shirt in his wardrobe but few know the history and reasons why many men do.

The modern polo shirt, as we know it, was invented by a man who goes by the name of René Lacoste. Yeah, you thought right, the name is the same as the famous Lacoste clothing company.

Before founding what is perhaps the most iconic French clothing company, Lacoste was a very good tennis player.
While he was preparing for the 1926 U.S. Open, Lacoste decided he was tired of the traditional “tennis whites” outfits which consisted of button-down shirts, restrictive flannel trousers and ties and as such, decided to invest his own outfit.

He created a shirt made from lightweight, loose-knit piqué cotton with a buttoned chest and a flat collar. This gave birth to the polo shirt.
Here’s why you should join the trend and make the polo shirt your wardrobe staple.

They Easily Fit In Anywhere
One undeniable fact when it comes to polo shirt which makes it a selling point for the outfit is the fact that it can easily fit in at a variety of places.

For Men that don’t really care about fashion and want to remain stylish, they are the way to go as they are basically the answer to everything and that happens to be the unique selling point of the outfit.

The polo can be your answer to everything. Whether you want to meet a client for lunch, you’re going out with your friends for a drink, going clubbing or hanging out with bae, you can always count on a solid polo shirt to keep you looking handsome, relaxed and like someone people can tell their innermost secrets to.

They Are Very Comfortable
Nothing beats comfort and if you’re looking for a reason to wear polo shirts, there you have it. They have a more relaxed fit to ensure that irrespective of the activity you will be passing through at work or play, you’re cool and comfortable.

First and foremost, wear more polo shirts because they’re straight-up comfortable. More so, they have no specific fabric in which they are made from, despite the fact that Piqué cotton is the most popular. You can find polo shirts made in knitted cloth, wool, polyester or even silk.

You Can Pull It Off Irrespective Of Your Personality
This is perhaps the most important reason you should have a polo shirt in your wardrobe. Irrespective of your size and body frame, there’s a likelihood that you would look good on one because there are colours and sizes for everyone.

Whether you’re covered with tattoos o you’re a clean-cut guy, there’s one that suits your personality. Moreover, most are designed for casual comfort, which means that whether you’re in the best shape of your life or you have a little extra weight, there’s a polo out there that’ll make you look like the sexy macho G you envisage. Try one today.

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