The Lack Of Female Collaborations In Nigerian Music Does It Mean They Hate Each Other?

I repeat, they don’t hate themselves, they just don’t feature each other enough.

I write for different reasons but in most cases, I write when something bothers me, and I feel that sharing it with you people will give me a well thought out and balanced answer.

I was having this argument few days ago with a female friend who argued that the reason for non-hot collaboration between Nigerian female acts is because of the lack of love amongst them and to this, I disagree.

Dear female acts, I believe in you and I think you can do it. The men didn’t achieve all this because they loved each other more, some of these collaborations were paid for by the smaller acts or their record labels at that time but I believe that women can achieve even more without a monetary exchange of any sort.

We have collectively agreed that the narrative that men and women work better is bullshit, this is the time to turn things around and get this sailing.

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