The One Ingredient That Can Make Your Sweaty Clothes Less Offensive

If you are the type that visits the gym regularly, live in the tropics or you simply sweat a lot, you are definitely not a stranger to the offensive smell your sweaty clothes give off after a long day.

You however shouldn’t sweat it! You probably have this ingredient in your pantry right now. It’s time to get that offensive smell out of your spandex for good. Fortunately for you and your gym buddies!, just one ingredient can take your workout clothes from smelling funky to fresh in no time.

Your Sweaty Clothes can be notoriously tough to clean, but laundry experts believe that a simple trick can get you out of this laundry quandary.

Experts recommends soaking the garments in a mix of one part distilled white vinegar to four parts cold water immediately after your workout or a sweaty day at work. Baking soda could also do the trick, in case you don’t have vinegar sitting in your cupboard.

Furthermore, you can also “wash with a heavy duty detergent that contains enough enzymes to the oily body soil that your sweaty day has left on your clothes. Tide and Persil are your best bet. Experts also recommend avoiding fabric softener and dryers, as both could shrink or damage your favourite gym attire.

If you don’t have enough time to wash your sweaty workout clothes immediately, it’s totally OK to wait a few days. But you should however avoid re-wearing them, since bacteria tends to build up after multiple wears.

If you are one of those that think hot water is the tried-and-true trick to getting odours out of your workout gear and smelly clothes, you may have to think again.

Although the hot water setting can kill odour-causing bacteria, it also has the potential of damaging synthetic fabrics, so be sure to double check the care instructions on each garment.

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