The Personality Information Women Deduce From The Jackets You Wear

While jackets are not a fashion staple around this clime, the upwardly mobile individual and corporate workers tend to have it as a wardrobe staple. The truth is if you’re one of those men that regularly wears jackets or you’re considering adding some to your wardrobe, you should know that your choice of jackets can be a reflection of your status and personality.

Women are perceptive creatures and they can get a lot of information from your composure, your shoes and even your jacket. Here are some of the personality information women deduce from the jackets you choose to wear.

The Parka

Parka jacket

This one points you out as someone that wants as much pockets as they can get because they want places they can easily fit their wallet, phone, keys, map, compass, torch, sleeping bag, camp stove, and even food while on the move.

The Pea Coat

Pea coat

Women see men that wear this as a man that knows the value of having classic staples in their wardrobes. You will also be seen as a keeper if you have this as you can have the Pea Coat for as long as you desire.

The Windbreaker


By wearing this, women are of the belief that you’re keen about the ‘new school’ and you don’t want to be weighed down by any complex issues except for sundry stuffs such as your face, your watch and the kind of things you eat.

The Retro sports Jacket

Retro sports jacket

The first thing that comes to the minds of women when you have this own is that you’re a sports enthusiast who has pictures and memorabilia of his favourite sport idols on his wall, or that you’re an avid football fan leaning towards hooliganism.

The Duffel Coat

Duffel coat

Wearing the Duffel Coat may mean that you will be seen as an old codger who enjoys drowning in loads of beer bottles or a hipster from a middle class neighbourhood that’s trying to channel the young vibe.

The Top Coat

Top coat

Men wearing top coats are thought to be mature and smart. They are fashionable and know that top coats are the only jackets that should be worn over a suit.

The Trench Coat

Trench coat

Wearing this 18th century staple shows your versatility and women might think of you as someone that has prying detective eyes to discover anything she has hidden.

The Bomber Jacket

Bomber jacket

The versatility of the bomb jacket makes it an ideal casual choice and if you wear this women will warm up to you as they see you as someone that is approachable.

The Fur Coat

Fur coat

You have to be in a cold region and have a fat bank account to rock this and women will most likely see you as a big time oil baron.

The Leather Jacket

Leather jacket

You are either seen as a biker that owns a Harley or someone that intends to own one. Alternatively, women may also see you as a tough man or someone that wishes he was.

The Down Jacket

Down jacket

Wearing this shows you care little about style but more about keeping yourself warm. This jacket is similar to sports jackets, which only shows how much fashion takes a back seat when it comes to your favourite sports team.

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