The Right Way To Dress Tall And Look Stylish


Tall men have always had a problem getting the right sizes for the clothes they love. This in a way reduces their ability to achieve fashion freedom.

For a man willing to buy a size 40 or 42 long suit, most stores have few options for him to choose from, just as most shirts are made for the portly or concave-chested youths.

It is more common for Short guys with big waistlines, to have their clothes available in varieties as they seem to be the main target market for a lot of men clothing stores as almost 75 percent of pants that are widely available are for this body shape.

Unavailability of your sizes should not make you dress like an antique man, especially if you understand the challenges that comes with your physique, whether you are thin, athletic or big.

There are a number of things you can do look to look trendy and stylish as your shorter and fashionable mates do.

Stand Tall And Proud
There’s no better way to look stylish than to have confidence in your look and appearance. This shouldn’t be difficult as you already have a characteristic that most women desire in men.

The thing most women however detest is a man that has a bad posture or stoops low.

Choice Of Fabric
If you’re 180cm and above, heavy wool fabrics are a good choice for you, especially if you’re tall and thin.

Casual dressing will require you to wear layers of thick garments instead of wearing just one thick garment.

As a tall dude however, it is important you avoid V-neck sweaters, slim-fitting shirts and cardigans as they would do very little to accentuate your appearance.

Choose Your Stripes Carefully
Vertical stripes tend to elongate the body which is why it is best for short men who want to create an illusion of being taller. Tall men don’t however need this but that doesn’t mean they can’t wear pinstripes.

Tall and lanky men between 180 to 188cm with a toned physique can still look great on a pinstripe suit. Pinstripes won’t be suitable for any man taller than this.

Avoid Flappy Fabrics
As a tall man, you should go for clothes with small shoulder pads and avoid anything that bulks you up.

Flappy fabrics that can easily get carried by the wind should be avoided and neither should you wear tightly fitted pants. Choose pants that have details that includes flat-fronts, turn-ups and pockets to help add balance without bulk to your shape.

Go For The Right Size And Fit
A lot of tall guys make the mistake of buying clothes that are either too big or too small for their body. The best thing to do when you buy clothes that are longer is to have them adjusted to your body type.

There are a number of good tailors out there who can help to alter your clothes to your exact fit at minimal cost to you. The fastest way to look out of place is to buy clothes that are too small or too big.

Go For Conservative Colours
Tall men should avoid wearing bright colours and patterned clothes because they do not need the attention, since their height already provides enough.

Solid colours such as black and navy blue are best in shirts, sweaters and pants. Striped and checked shirts also make a good wear for tall men.

The most important thing however is to follow your gut instinct and follow what your mirror tells you. For a suit, an expensive and bright coloured tie will look great on a tall man than a short man.

Travel Less
The quickest way to ruin your look is to pack the pockets of your pants and shirts full with wallets, smartphones and keys.

Doing this ruins the look of every guy and should be avoided at all costs. Keep your wallet as thin as possible and remove all unnecessary loads and keepsakes in them to make your hips look slimmer.

Accentuate The Shoes
Be sure to make your pants fall fully on your shoes. As a tall man, try not to make your socks show as doing so will make you look gawky and out of place.

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