The Right Way To Wear Men’s Jewelry

For a lot of men, watches are the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to male jewellery but all that seems to be changing with more and more accessories including rings and bracelets coming into the fray.

More and and more men are letting go of the old masculine stereotypes and ate becoming more expressive with expressing their personal styles through the use of jewellery that is not limited to wristwatches.

As such, ear studs, bracelets, and necklaces are beginning to enjoy a significant level of popularity among modern men.

Here are a number of tips you can follow to wear jewellery as a man in a way that you’d feel comfortable and everyone around you will appreciate your new found style.

Leather Never Fails
Leather has been the go-to choice for the straps of watches for a long time but they have also become a trend in men’s jewellery when it comes to bracelets.

Whether they are single-strapped or woven; thicker with casual wears or thinner for formal occasions, they can basically be found on most men.

Woven leather bracelets will blend in well with with suit and tie and help to accentuate the overall cohesion of an outfit, especially if it blends with the leather used in the shoes and belt.

It also complements the metallic dial of a wristwatch, unlike metal bracelets that clash with timepieces.

Be As Simple As Possible
Designers of male jewellery are producing a lot of pieces that come in flashy and aesthetically appealing looks as a means of convincing a significant number of men to invest in such adornments.

One thing you should however keep in mind is that wearing too much is an instant turn-off. You can keep it simple with a subtle ear stud and a leather bracelet that will not draw too much attention but provide you with the stylish appearance you desire.

You should avoid wearing a thick gold chain and rings on every finger of yours, except you’re a rap star. Keep your styling classy and your pieces discreet.

Keep The Materials And Designs Manly
Modern jewellers ate putting men into more consideration and designing pieces that are more subdued and come in neutral materials such as brass, titanium, black diamonds, woody textures and oxidised metal. This provides men with a toned down look.

Some designers also employ classic metals such as rose gold and silver while some others use geometric designs using neutral-coloured stones.

The key is to have the number of gems appearing on your piece reduced to the barest minimum if you want it to look less delicate and inadvertently, less feminine.

Stick With The Classics
And by classics we mean fashion accessories such as wristwatches, cufflinks, and wedding bands that ha stuck around forever for more flashy modern jewellery like flashy studded bracelet.

Remember to only add vintage pieces that have manly aesthetic to the fray and this may include rugged military-style metal chains and leather or metal strapped wristwatches which are classic and good masculine options.

Avoid Terrible Clichés
Jewellery such as dog tags, spiky studs and shark’s teeth is not something you want to be wearing. It’s best to keep things simple, classic and stylish. You’re making a huge statement by dorning jewellery in the first place.

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