The Rules Of Ties Very Few Men Know And Follow

There are rules behind wearing ties that determines if a man will be seen as sleek and stylish or not, and a lot of men need to adopt them.

From the right length, width, knots and cKnottinggetting the science behind your neck wears will do you a lot of good.

Be As Conservative As Possible
Being conservative will do you a lot of good. Subtle patterns and block colours will do a lot of good. Avoid the garish, as you risk destroying your overall appearance.

Avoid novelty Ties as much as possible as they will only make you look desperate and stoic.

Button Up
When you’re wearing a tie, you are supposed to keep your top button done up. Fewer things speak of you as someone that doesn’t pay attention to details than a man with collars that seem to be struggling against his tie.

Tie Bars
Those shiny metal clips can do a lot of good in improving the combination of your suit, shirt and Tie. Just ensure that you position them between the third and fourth button of your shirt.

The Length Is Important
After knotting your tie, the tip should not go beyond your belt buckle and should just reach the middle of your belt buckle or waistband. It should never be up around your sternum or go down near your tackle.

Knotting your tie and keeping it at an appropriate length will help to balance the difference between your torso and your legs. A tie that is too long or too short will affect your overall appearance.

Your Width Matters
From the 20th to the 21st century, Ties are getting skinnier by the day. The truth is the skinnier ties are becoming, the more it is related to the size of suit lapels.

The width of your tie should always match the width of your lapel. Keep in mind that slimmer Ties are more modern and wider is old-fashioned, whether for suits or ties.

The Colours And Patterns Combination
The quickest rule that comes to mind when it comes to Ties and shirts is that the former should be darker in colour or shade than the latter.

Check the colour of your shirt and choose a tie that has a touch of the same colour somewhere in its design. Be sure that the patterns complete your outfit not only in scale but also in orientation.

Never pair ties with big check designs or vertical stripes with vertical stripe shirts. Match Ties with small polka dots with striped shirts or a check shirt with a vertically striped tie.

If you’re wearing a black shirt, be sure to contrast with a lighter colour such as deep red instead of flashy bright red.

The Science Behind The Knots
The size of your head should determine the type of knot you choose. Funny right? The truth people with bigger heads should go for a full Windsor knot while people with smaller heads look better on half-windsor knots.

Try out the appropriate Windsor knots according to your head size and see how you’d achieve a sense of proportion.

Good Pocket Squares
Pocket squares can incredibly improve your appearance. You shouldn’t however match them exactly with your tie, be it the fabric, colour or pattern. Add a bit of contrast to get a polished look.

Bow Ties Can Do The Magic
If you’re one of those men that feels rocking the bow tie is sophisticated, then do so. You should however remember to do it right by adding a touch of originality and creativity.

Attempt soft patterns and colours, except you want to look like a bad comedian. think you can carry off wearing a bow tie then go for it because done right it’s the one neck tie variation that says class and sophistication with a dash of creativity and originality.

Learning to self-tie isn’t as tough as it’s made out to be and you can surely learn how to, there’s however no shame in going for the ones that are pre-tied or those with clips.

Match Similar Fabrics
Do your best to match the fabric of your suit with that of your Tie. Cotton should go with cotton, just as wool should be matched with wool.

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