The Things That Can Help Stop You From Secreting Hormones Responsible For Your Thinning Hair

For women especially, thinning and loss of hair is a major cause of concern as a lot of women see their hair as a source of pride and beauty. It is however important to know the major reason why your hair is thinning, instead of worrying about your situation as it can help you prevent it.

Scientists have however determined that there are certain types of hormones that are responsible for the thinning hair of women and knowing if that is the cause of your thinning hair can help you fight back against it.

Hormonal Hair Loss
Hormonal hair loss can also be referred to as telogen effluvium. Shedding of hair through this means is usually triggered by a medical hormonal imbalance that has also been linked to thyroid-related disorders.

Hormonal hair loss may may be triggered by a traumatic event such as having a surgery or losing your body weight dramatically. Irrespective of the cause, it most likely results in a reduction in the hormones that promote hair growth. The hormones that are affected include oestrogen and progesterone.

There will also be an increase in hormones that promote hair loss such as androgen and testosterone. As a result, there is a switch that sends your hair into the telogen phase all at once. This switch can last for as much as seven months that will accelerate hair thinning and from which you may not be able to experience new hair growth in any area that is affected.

What Does It Look Like?
When you have thinning hair, you will most likely have thinner hair all over your head. The hair shedding will occur in all areas of your scalp and you will also most likely notice that when you make your hair in a ponytail, that it is thinner.

What Is The Solution?
A holistic method must be followed to solve thinning hair problems. The treatment methods include ample exercise, meditation, and healthy habits. Following these techniques can help to restore your hair to the natural state in which your hair follicles can return to their regularly scheduled programming.
While there are no specific rules, it can cut the shedding time of your hair to almost half the time when you’re experiencing thinning from between seven months to three.

Furthermore, if your hair thinning was caused by a medical-related condition as opposed to a trauma-induced hormonal issue, a doctor may decide to put you on medications that regulates the hormones in your body such as progesterone or even birth control, to fix the underlying issue.

Irrespective of the source of the shedding, supplements that help to address multiple sources of hair loss and minoxidil are great options for treatment especially since hair shedding may result from a number of causes. Some supplements sold over the counter such as Nutrafol can help to kick-start your hair strands to grow in about three months.

Any supplements you choose to use should contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and adaptogens that address stress and inflammation and in general optimize the immune system in such a way that your hair follicles can be triggered to grow in a healthy and strong manner.

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