The Things You Should Never Wear To A Job Interview

Preparing for a job interview is never easy as you have a lot of things to consider that may end up making you nervous at the end of it all. Some of the things that would be troubling you include: Will I be able to answer all the questions? Will I say “like” too much? How do I show off my personality and prove I’m the best candidate for the role? What do I wear? Or perhaps, more importantly, what don’t I wear?

The question of what to wear to an interview, while subtle can actually pose a lot of challenge. But more importantly, the most difficult one could be the clothes and shoes that you should stay away from on your interview day.

Here are a few items you should avoid when it comes to dressing for an interview.

Why in heavens name would you wear flip-flops to an interview you may ask? But why it may come as a surprise, it is actually one of the worst offenders. It actually happens more often than people care to admit and it is quite difficult. To fathom why people would do it.

Under no circumstances whatsoever should you wear slippers or flip-flops to an interview. It not only flaunts you as an unserious person, but also does untold damage to your appearance and personality.

It is important you wear grown-up shoes. When it comes to interviews, it is ideal for you to stay away from any open toe shoes as man. For women however, they are allowed to wear open toe sandals, provided that the weather or climate permits at that point in time.

Beachy sandals generally, should be avoided by both men and women when going for a job interview.

Workout Gear
It is best not to wear yoga pants or any type of workout gear to an interview. More so, clothes that have become tattered or has holes in them should not be touched with a ten-foot pole on the interview day.

Even if you have some expensive Yeezy tops, you may want to skip wearing them on the interview date except you are going to be interviewed by Kanye West. For the ladies, it is also best to stay away from visible bra straps as much as possible, as they tend to downgrade your whole appearance.

Be Conscious Of Your Scent
The way you smell on the day of a job interview is extremely important but not very many people think about this. You shouldn’t just think about your physical presence, because the way you smell is equally important.

Some people tend to wear too much cologne and perfume to interviews and some others come straight to an interview smelling like they just spent time at the kitchen after having a meal.

The fact is a lot of people tend to go very heavy-handed with their personal fragrance and not a few interviewers find it distracting. It is as such best to err on the side of caution when it comes to colognes or perfumes, and perhaps even skipping a scent altogether.

The truth is you can never tell or know the type of sensitivities people have, especially when it comes to allergies and you don’t want to be the one triggering it at a job interview.

In all, dress smartly and cautiously. Exude confidence with your appearance by wearing an outfit that reflects the role you want. Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident and you will probably ace the interview.

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