The Trendy Male Fashion That You Should Do Your Best To Avoid

Male fashion like that of females comes and goes and what is trendy now may not necessarily be trendy in a couple of years time. There was a time when tucking in your polo shirt trendy, then another time it became retired. A lot of use agreed that this fashion trend should be let go of. While some of us still rock this fashion trend, it is frowned upon and can only be deemed acceptable if you’re a celebrity or sports star as people will allow you do whatever you want and you don’t need fashion advice because you’re making things work in whatever it is you throw upon yourself.

Pinstripe shirt with blazer and jeans

For the rest of us however, we need to talk about the fashion trend that we should let go of now – wearing the pinstriped button down shirt un-tucked.
This fashion trend started in the early 90s when men started wearing their striped button down shirts un-tucked over jeans. It was a safe fashion statement for people who were willing to keep their fashion sense together but wanted to have an edgy post-work casual look that retained the formality and slimming of the stripe.
This resulted in our shirttails hanging lazily over our junk in the front and senile over Our shirttails playfully hung over our trunk in the back. It made a statement to anyone who cared to listen that you’re an adult that just finished at work for the day and you’re ready to have some fun.
This style worked for a lot of men. The un-tucked, striped button down became a wardrobe staple for men who wanted a business-casual appearance. Men that have little concern about changing their outfits after work before hitting the club. Once a blazer is added to the fray, it can instantly become a semi-corporate wear.

Why You Should Let It Go

Untucked pinstripe shirt

Despite how interesting this fashion sense seems, it is time for you to stop wearing the un-tucked, striped button-down shirt. The look look has become so common that it has been adopted by people who don’t know any better and it is best you allow them have it and move on.
Men that rock this look have several of them in their wardrobe and that makes them look like people stuck in the past. You should update your look and leave those shirts and jeans in the past. The worst part of this look are the super-long striped button down shirts that seem to reach for your mid thigh. These ones hurt to look at because despite the fact that un-tucking your shirt tails makes you look rebellious, it also makes you look like someone standing in line to enter a club in the early 2000s.
Kindly trust us and let go of this look guys. If you’re particular about wearing your button downs un-tucked, you can still do but kindly drop the button down pinstripes. Instead, go with solids, checks, and subtle patterns. You’d thank us for this when the accolades start coming in from women and fashion conscious males.
You’re welcome.

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