The Tricks To Employ To Look Astounding In Pictures

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Taking pictures with your smartphone or any other camera shouldn’t be something that will have you sweating it out, especially if you follow the following tricks.

Study a favourite photo of yourself
To improve the quality of future pictures, look closely at the snaps from the past in which you think you looked best. What was your best angle? How were you styled? You will probably see that you were laughing or having a good time. Capturing someone when they’re relaxed or most animated usually makes for the best pictures.

Do this when you smile
To have a more natural look in your pictures, replace the word “cheese” with “money.”  The hard “ey” sound will force the corners of your mouth up and give you a crinkle around your eye, both of which give you a more realistic grin. Even better, think of a happy memory and give the camera a laugh. When you do this, the photo will showcase a more animated smile.

You can also put your tongue against your teeth and smile, which will relax your face. To make your eyes look more captivating, try closing them and then opening them slowly just before the photo is taken.

Get your angles right
If you’re taking your photo in a seated position, ask the photographer to take the photo from above. When you tilt your face up to meet the camera, your jaw will appear more defined.

If you’re taking a standing picture, ask for it to be taken from a lower angle. This trick will make you look long and lean.

Style yourself appropriately
For a camera-ready outfit, stay away from patterns and aim for long lines and a cinched waist. To get the best look, try belting your outfit with a thin belt, or rocking a vertical strip or A-line skirt.

If you’re holding a bag in the shot, ensure that it is proportionate (not oversized) or leave it out of the frame. If you’d like to add height, stick to a thin heel instead of a wedge, which can add weight to your feet in photographs. If everything fails, a tailored blazer and stiletto heels always gives the polished and chic appearance.

Stay in line for the group shot
An ideal group shot should have people staggered on different levels and depths. If you can help it though, try not to be the person closest to the camera. That member of the group will always look more magnified than every other person in the group pictures.

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