The Underwear Mistakes That Your Partner Won’t Forgive You For

Men pay little attention to their underwear and that shouldn’t be the case as your partner expects a little more than you think they do. It is important for every man to get h undies game right in order to avoid discomfort and embarrassment in front of both a new and old partner. While underwear are meant to be changed regularly, maintaining them appropriately can help to score you more than a few points in the privacy of your bedroom.

Unfortunately, a lot of men don’t know how to go about maintaining their underwear while also making some mistakes that makes them look below par when they undress. Here are a number of such mistakes and how to avoid them.

You Buy The Wrong Size
Most men have passed through the agony of buying and wearing undies that don’t quite fit and constantly having to adjust as it rides up and hugs the junk in all the places you don’t want it to. It is thus important to find a style that offers the right balance between space and support, especially if you’re the type that wears one to sleep and your junk needs to have a chance to breathe. Also replace your underwear every 12 months with fresh, unfaded, well-fitted pairs that are sure to boost your confidence.

Your Choice Of Colour Is Pathetic
While it is essential you Wash your underwear regularly and thoroughly, certain colours such as navy blue and black tend not to show stains as much as lighter hues. They also don’t fade as quickly as brighter colours do. As such, it is best you leave your tight whities behind as you grow older as there are a lot of cotton style colours to choose from that are just as comfortable and appealing to the eyes.

You Wear The Wrong Style
If you’re thinking of exercising, briefs are your best option. If you’re prone to having chafed skin around your nether regions, boxer briefs provide a better cut as they help to provide more coverage. If you regularly wear low rise jeans, you may want to avoid wearing high-rise briefs unless you want to reveal as much of your undies as those rappers from the ‘90s that popularised sagging. You should also put the fabric, and the design into consideration before buying your next set of underwear.

You Wash Them The Wrong Way
No one needs to offer you an explanation as to how dirty your underwear can get when you wear them and how necessary it is to wash them after every single wear. If you must use a washing machine, be sure to wash in high heat.
You should however cool things down when drying by ensuring you air dry your undies or set the dryer to cool rather than giving them a spin on a high heat. Spinning at high heat will stretch out the elastic in the waistband which will result in an unflattering and saggy underwear.

You Use The Wrong Fabric
Fabrics made from cotton is breathable, comfortable and can be relied upon daily just as underwear made from microfibre helps to wick the sweat away, which makes it perfect for the weather in the tropics, gym sessions and hot days generally. Spandex on the other hand should be avoided as they tend to trap sweat instead and no one wants to smell the whiff that comes when you take lathes off at the end of a hot day.

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