These Stories From The ‘Maltina 1000 Smiles’ Campaign With Noble Igwe Will Gladden Your Heart

Have you been lacking some premium happiness?

Well, the Maltina Happiness Team has been working to share happiness and capture 1000 smiles across Nigeria with Noble Igwe, celebrity style influencer and media entrepreneur.

Traveling across several states with Noble Igwe and the Maltina ‘Happiness Team,’ the Maltina 1000 Smiles’ Campaign has uncovered many inspiring stories that highlight the tenacity of Nigerians to live joyfully through whatever challenges they face. Maltina has shared its commitment to support that drive by sharing these stories and unveiling the 1000 smiles, revealing more reasons for Nigerians to share happiness together.

Here are 3 top stories from the Maltina 1000 Smiles Campaign with Noble Igwe, guaranteed to make you happy:

  • When the Maltina Happiness Team connected with 83-year-old Grandma Aundu in Makurdi

Grandma Aundu’s son sent Maltina a message on their social media page to surprise his grandma whom he has not seen in over 2 years. In his words, “Aundu Voobor, my grandmother, she’s 83 probably the strongest woman I know. Growing without a father figure, she was partly my go-to when it came to relationships and other advice”.
The Maltina Happiness Team journeyed to meet Grandma Aundu and shared happiness with her on the Maltina 1000 Smiles tour.

  • When Sanni From Kaduna Shared What Makes Him Happy

The Maltina Happiness Team met Sanni, a young man from Kaduna who currently works pushing a wheelbarrow to provide a livelihood for his mother and siblings. He shared that being able to support his mom and take care of his siblings are simple things that make him happy. Balancing on top of his wheelbarrow, he gave the Happiness Team the widest smile they met in Kaduna.

  • When Chi-Chi From Anambra Found Joy In Helping Her Mother

Chi-Chi, a young lady the Maltina Happiness Team met in Nnewi, Anambra, shared her story that though she is still in school, during her school holidays, instead of spending her break doing nothing, she found happiness in helping her mother in her book-binding business because what makes her happy is her mom smiling.

The Maltina happiness team will be unveiling 1000 Awesome Maltina smiles across different platforms, sharing pictures and stories to bring joy and share happiness with Nigerians this festive season.

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