TRIBUTE: Remembering Madam Monica Odinchezor Onwuatuegwu (Nee Ezeteka)

Late Madam Monica Odinchezor Onwuatuegwu (Amalugbo)

It’s been 2years and few months now since our beloved mother, Late Madam Monica Odinchezor Onwuatuegwu (Amalugbo) {1920s – 2017}, joined her ancestors. She passed on to eternal glory on December, 2017 at the age of 92 after a brief but difficult ailment that lasted for a month or so. For us her children And Relations, those were the most harrowing and traumatic month of our life, seeing our aged mother in pain but couldn’t help. May The good Lord grant her Eternal rest, Amen. Our mother was born into the noble family of late Chief N Ezeteka, and late Madam M Ezeteka 1920s. Her parents came from renowned lineages in Igboland, and she was the first child of her parents. As part of the social milieu in which she was born, her father may have wanted a male child as a first born to assist him with farm work but Chukwu Abiama in His wisdom blessed him with our mother. She grew under the care of her mother and tutelage of her father. Just like her mom, our mother was tall, well built, elegant, beautiful, witty and outspoken. Her father never for once regretted having her as the first child. She became his best friend and confidant.  The only farm works she did so well, especially harvesting, preservation, and sale of farm produce. This she combined with household chores and assisting her mother with her business of Buying&selling.

Amalugbo Another Definition of kindness

My aunt ( Mrs philomena Onwukike) in The VIllage, Mama Nzube A nurse , once told me that our mother’s Native name Odinchezor, was given to her out of her sense of duty and mental alertness, because she knows what to do at the right time without anyone’s prompting. Mama Nzube also narrated to me an incidence that made her father (Ezeteka) shed tears of joy. He prayed to Chukwu Abiama to always bail her out of any difficult circumstance in life. She loved her father so much because in most of her conversations, she always quoted him. Mama Nzube considers herself as Mama”s first Daughter. According to her, Mama’s First Daughter died barely a Week or So after she was born. Our mother served her parent till they both died. Even though she lived in a different neighborhood a bit far from her parent, she prepared their special Friday meals till they passed on. Our mother had an elephantine memory. She knew virtually all the major compounds in Akwa-Community. Nobody ever greeted her without her responding with the person’s clan’s greetings. She knew most of the folklore and major philosophical songs of prominent igbo performers of folklore. That’s why every advice she ever gave came with a wise saying and a relevant song. She once told me two interesting stories. Some praise singers once came to their family house to sing for her father and people gathered to listen to them. After listening to their song, she told them that they didn’t know her father and their song did not do justice to his personality. There and then, she composed a new song and sang for her father and the crowd erupted in jubilation, including the praise singers. The second one was about my reincarnate , late Edward of blessed memory. my uncle Very Rev Fr Dr. Ignatius N Onwuatuegwu used to tell me about Mama’s physical strength. He said she was admired at Agu-Ani, my Grandpa’s farm settlement of those days, especially during harvest time when women bring yams to market. According to him, she used to carry three people’s load to the market and she will still be the first to arrive the market. Her foot steps were said to be so familiar that people can identify her movement with the sound of her steps when she is approaching their stall. Amalugbo was a disciplinarian. She never spared the rod to spoil the child. I lived with her and she never pampered me. I remembered an incident around 2009. We lost a prayer warrior whose prayers kept us going. MAMA FADA we shall continue to reap from the harvest of her endless prayers even in her absence. MAMA FADA as My Mom (Mrs Evangeline Oliver Onwuatuegwu) will always prefer me to say, but I grew to see my Mama being called Amalugbo,

she is survived by her seven Children, numerous grand children great grand, In Laws and Relations.

Onwuatuegwu Ebuka jp ( Sage) sent in this tribute from Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka,Anambra State

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