Unforgivable Office Style Sins You Should Never Commit

Dressing stylish and appropriately to work shouldn’t be something you will crack your brain about but you should keep some style sins in mind while you do so.

The type of clothes you wear to work should reflect your profession and as such, there are a number of style mistakes you should avoid making as they are Unforgivable.

We have put together a number of style sins you should stay away from as they reflect badly on your person and the organisation you work for.

Being Overly Casual
Of course, sandals and slippers are unacceptable in an office environment except you work for yourself or you work in the most relaxed office that exists.

With that being said, every workplace has its on set of rules and that pertains to dress codes too.

The thing to do is avoid being the most underdressed person in the room as that tells your boss you don’t care for yourself or the company you work for.

Wearing Extra Large Business Shirts
The first rule of fashion is to get clothes that fit you. As such, a shirt that is twice your size is a cardinal sin as the best thing to do is to wear something that fits.

The same rule also applies to wearing shirts that are too tight. Even though you have bulging biceps and you want to show off, it wouldn’t be such a good idea to have everyone in your work environment scared that one of your shirt buttons will pull off with so much force that it will hit someone in the eye. It’s probably time to go a size up.

Wearing Square-toed Shoes
Very few items do a great disservice to your corporate appearance as much as square-toed footwears. It is even more so when you have lots of lovely dress shoes to choose from but stick to square-toed shoes that are better reserved for the 80s.

Sticking With Droopy Ties
Another unforgiving sin is wearing Droopy Ties that are oversized and long enough to dangle below your belt, it’s best you take it off and choose something much more fashionable.

A tie that is well knotted will just sit above the buckle of your belt, not one that dangles freely around your genitals.

Wearing White Socks
While you may feel comfortable with wearing White Socks but you should never Think of wearing them to your workplace.

If you’re keen on wearing White Socks, simply stick to wearing them with your runners when you work out as that is the only time you’re allowed to wear them. Never do so with formal footwear.

Carrying A Backpack While Wearing A Suit
Whether it’s your laptop or your gym gear, you can choose to get a leather or duffle bag respectively. If your work requires you to carry files and a number of bits and bobs, a briefcase will do.

Whatever you will be carrying to work frequently, you should at no stage bring down your dressing by carrying any type of bag that should be reserved for school children, college students or for short travel.

Overstuffed Wallet
There’s no need to put a lot of things you don’t need in your wallet such as loyalty cards of shopping malls and unnecessary pieces of papers.

Having an overstuffed wallet will ruin the sleek nature of your pants and that’s one sin you shouldn’t commit.

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